Be my next Gnarly Neighbor!

It's June you guys!
Time for some new content!

If you are a nail blog owner (blog, facebook, instagram, etc...) or polish maker/shop/ can enter below for a chance to win a full month of advertisement for free here on my blog.
<------- Your ad will look like this one, customized with a screenshot of your page or if you have a logo that works, I can use that too.

Entries run from now until the 25th of June, at which time I will select a RANDOM winner and contact them to set the ad up!

Good luck!

This will be a MONTHLY event, so if you don't win this time, keep trying!!
Enter Below:

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  1. Wait, I missed something! Who's your June buddy? There wasn't a raffle for that, right? I'm not going crazy, right?!?! (As if, crazy is already my zip code.)

  2. Vedrana BrankovicJune 1, 2013 at 3:52 AM

    Thanks for the opportunity. There's just one thing that bothers me. If you place the banner as depicted, and you already have the wide header (if I may add, I hate that it is is immovable because it takes up space that I'd love to see filled with your photos and text), and I (and I guess many, many other people) follow you through Bloglovin', which means there's another header, we may not be able to see what your post is about when we first come to your latest post. Now, I love your posts and I'll scroll through whatever in order to see what mani you have prepared for us. It's just that I'd love to be able to see that mani sooner. Is placing the Gnarly Neighbour banner in the sidebar instead of the header out of the question?

  3. Girl, you know you're awesome right?? This is so very cool of you to do! Pretty sure you're my new favorite lol. Have a happy weekend!

  4. June is Debbie, since I knew I was going to start the first official "contest" for a space in June, I decided to use her as my test subject to see how well it was received, have a sample of what the "ad" would look like as well as see what kind of visitor numbers she got from it. You aint crazy!

  5. Good to know! Plus Debbie's a good choice anyway.

    Another question: shouldn't it be Gneighbor? (hahahaha, oh god that looks AWFUL)

  6. I'm not entirely sure I follow your concern so I'm going to answer based on what THINK you mean - the ad is going on the right hand sidebar. There is one there now under the followers area. It won't ever be at the top, it was only shown at the top of this post because, well, its this post and the pics always go at the top, but its not going to be its permanent home. Is that what you were worried about? i realize the top header makes me lose real estate, so I'm definitely not wanting to lose more! If I missed it, please reply back, but hopefully I got what you were after!

  7. Hahah thanks! Flattery gets you one extra entry! LOL.

  8. Have you been talking to her?! You guys!!!
    Hahaha, she asked me this exact thing this morning. I was like well here is the deal - i also have gnarly news and gnarly number ones, so its just gnarly neighbor. i thought if i started putting a g in front of ALL of my 'N' words you guys would start to think i was retarded.

  9. Vedrana BrankovicJune 1, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    You got it perfectly. I thought that the ad/feature will be at the top of your website, but if it is going to be in the sidebar it's all right.

  10. Ok cool! I'm glad I figured it out! Yes, oooh that would be terrible if i took the whole page up with nonsense wouldnt it?

  11. Bahaha! No, not even!! It's just that great minds think alike. ;)

    And yeah, no, I totally agree. Too many silent Gs and things start going downhill.

  12. Vedrana BrankovicJune 1, 2013 at 5:50 PM

    Well, these aren't nonsense, but they could distract from what is important.

  13. LittleMonsterx14June 1, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    this is my favorite new feature of yours, i am so excited, i hope i win one month!

  14. Good luck!!! I'm excited to see who wins too!

  15. Jess, from JessOneMoreJune 4, 2013 at 2:26 AM

    Seriously...Wicked Hot! What a lovely opportunity you're giving someone. Thanks for this! *hugs* ....*and fingers crossed it'll be me* LOLOLOL


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