Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dexter v. Trinity

Hello there unassuming victims, and welcome to Day 3 of Dexter Week.

I hope most of you are familiar with this show and this isn't just a week of nails you are totally confused by!

Todays Dexter-cure is based on the Trinity character from Season 4.

One of my favorites to this day, such a seemingly ordinary middle-aged man who turns out to be a complete psychopath. One of the scariest things in life if you ask me!

So Trinity, aka Arthur Mitchell, is played by John Lithgow, whom I have adored since he was on 3rd Rock from the Sun (this show also cultivated my now larger than life crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt). He is so good in this role that he becomes this role to me. I don't even know that I can look at him without thinking he is Trinity. ANYWAY! Trinity has been killing for 30 years, and he kills in 3's. In case you were wondering why on earth I had 3's all over my fingers!

For this mani I started with a base of Ninja Polish 100% Colombian. Stunner of a polish that will one day soon have its very own picture heavy post.

The neon green is Loudest Color by Sation. And that weird leafy thing I drew on is supposed to be the Trinity Symbol, I thought it fitting since he is called Trinity and because it is a religious symbol and he was a religious man on the show. So there! In the end though, it looks like a recycle symbol or something to me.

Finished with a coat of top coat and woooooosh!

Now please, please, go check out my lady friends also doing the Dexter thang this week:

PS - I'm having MORE issues with DISQUS, that I think I may have solved as of this morning, but if you find yourself having issue commenting or you got blocked from commenting, please tell me on Facebook so I can look on a case per case basis.
It was a combination of needing a new widget from Disqus that I didn't do when I had that setback a week or two ago, mixed with trying to stop all of the spam comments I've been getting and I lost all the comments again! 

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