Dexter Week - the Blood Spatter Orchid

Welcome to Day 2 of Dexter Week!
This is one of those iconical pieces of imagery from Dexter that has stuck with me since the moment I saw it.
I searched so hard to try and find the name of this flower/plant, just shy of having to get a hold of this episode to watch it and see what Hannah called it, so if you know, please advise me and I can edit this post. I wish I knew, because I would love to have this plant!

I really hope in Season 8 that Hannah is still around. I liked Rita, Dexters wife, but Hannah is the first female companion Dexter has had aside from her that I could stomach one bit. Lumen was a weirdo and that british broad, Lila, from Season 2 was so annoying I actually stopped watching until a year or two later. Anyway - last season Hannah came on board as the newest love interest of Dexter and really revved the season up. She's a killer, too! And she brought him this gorgeous orchid-style plant with blood splattered petals, which I am trying to recreate here.

This was a 2nd attempt at these flowers after the first try went so far south  I almost didn't bother to re-try this! But these will suffice, I'm kind of split down the middle on how I feel about them, hopefully you guys like them.

My base is Laters, Baby by Literary Lacquers. Then I painted on the orchids with white, light grey, a blood red for the blobs and then a vibrant neon purple and yellow for the middle bits.

So - if you watch Dexter, who's been your favorite love interest of his?

Now please, please, go check out my lady friends also doing the Dexter thang this week:

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  1. I love orchids! Never seen Dexter though but I like your nailart.

  2. I have never seen Dexter and somehow - I don't think I'm ever going to.
    But this mani is so beautiful in so many other levels!!!
    I totally love it!!!

  3. victoria s andrewsJune 4, 2013 at 1:47 PM

    Nice, me likey!

  4. I do too, they are one of my favorite flowers! And thanks!!

  5. I agree. I didnt like that he was totally someone else with Rita because she didn't know. But also, the others all DID know and I didn't like any of them until Hannah. She's just got this weird sinister/innocent thing going on that works well with him.

  6. I like this! Very different.

  7. I adore orchids! I might be wrong but I think it's a purple spotted orchid. I've heard before that they tend to smell like rotting meat or salami. Nice! Lol It really is an awesome mani!

  8. Totally love it!
    I've never watched Dexter but you girls have totally convinced me I need to.

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