Dexter Week - The Trophies

It's Day 4 of Dexter Week...which means it's almost over and I has sadfaces.

If you are at all familiar with the show, like if you've watched 2 episodes, you are probably familiar with the subject matter of todays mani - The Blood Slides.

Many killers collect trophies, and Dexter is no different in that aspect.  Even after several close calls of being found out, he still covets these trophies of his victims.

How awesome is this art piece I found online? Perfect!

Here is a shot of Dexters trophy box. He keeps these blood slides hidden away, in a box, behind his air conditioner. Every person he has killed (or almost every one), has gotten a nice slice to the cheek and then he takes their blood and encases it in blood slides and stores them away. Hey, we never said he wasn't a messed up guy. He may kill for good reason, but he enjoys it, which is part of the collection.

This was about the simplest mani I did this week.

It's a base coat I mixed up with equal parts Seche Vite base coat and Wet n Wild 2% Milk to give a natural see through color to mimick a piece of glass (hey, its as close to glass as I could get)

Then I just painted on blobs of blood red polish (Essie Skirting the Issue) - didn't even top coat. Just that simple.

I loved this scene, where Dexter realizes that his stash has been found out...but by who?!

And a pivotal scene last season, busted! LaGuerta finds one of Dexter's trophies at a crime scene.

 If you've been following our Dexter week between blogs, you may have seen some of us doing similar manicures on even the same day! It's not even planned...I think we're all so close knit at this point we just share a brain. So I won't be surprised if someone else has blood slide nails today! But these girls have been knocking it out of the park this week, so I hope you do hop around and see the other Dexter-Cures:

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  1. I didn't do any blood slide nails... these are pretty great though!

  2. Peace, Love & PolishJune 6, 2013 at 8:37 AM

    I just love that the red seriously looks like blood. It's kind of creepy, but still cool!

  3. yayyy well done :)

  4. Thank you! I hope someone did some!

  5. Right?! That polish was my go-to this week, thats for sure!

  6. I lied, I did some today with a blood slide! Posting them tomorrow

  7. so simple - fab job. I think i would have put the smiley in there though. Oh and i just noticed - that photo of his blood slide box looks like a piano keyboard .... weird

  8. I actually forgot about the smiley until I was digging up images for the post! The box does look like a piano, i was thinking the same thing when I found it!

  9. LittleMonsterx14June 9, 2013 at 7:23 PM

    as i've said i've never watch dexter, but i;m a huge bio nerd and i have to say that the fact that he chooses to save his trophies as microscope slides is probably the coolest thing ever, and might convince me to watch the show. your nails look exactly like the slides!

  10. you really should, if you can handle hannibal you can handle dexter! its not quite as sophisticated a show, but its really good. some seasons are much better than others. just wait til it ends this year and watch all 8 seasons in a row!


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