Digital Dozen Book Week - Day 4 - Less Than Zero

It's back to Book Week, on Day 4 now, which means only one more left!
Today's book is by my 2nd favorite author, Bret Easton Ellis. I have read so many of his books it is ridiculous. My favorite is American Psycho, but since I did that last year for the 31 Day Challenge, I chose to do what was my favorite of his books that was made into a movie I loved. Yes, American Psycho was also made into a film (along with a few other books of his), but to be honest, outside of Christian Bale, that movie was atrocious compared to the book. Not that I ever thought they could really make that book into a movie, its far too grotesque for a major Hollywood release. ANYWAY! Come on...

Book Cover Art I based my mani on.
Less Than Zero follows the story of 3 high school friends after they graduate and move on to college. They are all from very affluent families and I love how the story shows how money can make or break you sometimes. The thing I love about Bret's books is that they always have a few repeat characters in them that move from book to book. Anyway - the book as well as the film are epic, ANYTIME I see Less Than Zero on cable when I'm flipping around, you can bet I turn it on. I love it that much. No one plays a drug addict better than Robert Downey Jr. This book is a must read, the movie is a must watch. 

So I took a bit of all aspects of the book cover and used them here. Ruler on the pinky, done with Zoya Pippa and black acrylic paint with striper brush. I didn't realize until I was uploading these photos that the cover art is not a ruler but a cigarette. Oops. BUT they are in school, sort of, so it still applies!

The two splatter nails are Zoya Dove with black, green and white acrylic paint splatter.

The middle 3-D glasses design is Sation Loudest Color for the base and then the rest was done with acrylic paints.
Seen this movie or read the book? Love Bret Easton Ellis? Tell me your favorite of his books! This, American Psycho and The Rules of Attraction are my faves. I also really like Glamorama.

Make sure and peep the ladies too:

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