Friday, June 14, 2013

Digital Dozen Book Week - Day 5 - First Editions

Hey guys!
Here we are the the last day of Book Week.
It also marks the last day of any theme weeks I have til next month, which is my favorite time of the month...relaxation.

I've been really happy with the nail art I've been putting out the last 2 weeks but I am READY for a break!

Todays Book Week theme is super basic - I call it - First Editions

I fashioned todays challenge after something like this:

So yeah - used a few polishes today. This doesn't include the gold (that you probably didn't even notice) or the white I used to write with.
Manglaze - Fattys Got More Blood
Manglaze - Santorum
Zoya - Veruschka
Bourjois - Jaune Trendy
Milani - Shady Grey (texture)

Since I didn't have book colored texture polishes, I started with a base of the Milani textured polish on all nails. After it had fully texturized, I sponged on the top color to each nail. 
Pinky - Fattys Got More Blood over Shady Grey
Ring - Jaune Trendy over Shady Grey
Middle - Veruschka over Shady Grey
Index - Santorum over Shady Grey

Then I did a baroque style stamp down the center of each nail using China Glaze Passion (but once you add the textured spine lines and lettering you hardly see it) - added stripes in the same colors with a striping brush and then I added in the book titles.

So what do you think? Do they look like old leather bound books?

I couldn't do this post without including THIS:

Make sure and visit the rest of the Digital Dozen and see their final Book Week mani's too! MUAH!

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