Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gnarly Numbers Ones for June

It's time.....

I won this in a Giveaway, it is the one and only Barielle I have used and I am sooo in love with it!

Favorite Untried Polish - OMG where do I start..? I have gotten so much stuff lately that my Untried bin is back up to almost maximum capacity! I did just get Layla Limoncello the other day though, and that was on my wishlist for awhile, so I'll say that one!

Favorite Indie - I had a few I really loved this month. BUT...there was ONE that just stood out above all others....Northern Star Polish: TrustNo1

Favorite Untried Indie - Again....SOOO many in my bin. I have an entire drawer of Untried Indies that I've dubbed my "FUN BOX" - but I have pulled out Polish Addict Hypnotize as the one I am most likely to use next. So let's say that!

Biggest Milestone - I've had some cool stuff happen this month! I guess I say that every month, but I feel like every month I have been continually progressing and getting better things going on and doing better things as well. I won a huge awesome giveaway from Cult Nails, as well as Fierce Makeup and Nails! I also got reposted on Instagram by the lovely Phyrra! Those were some pretty awesome things that come to the top of my head!

My Favorite Manicure - This is always my least favorite part of the roundup! How do I pick just one!? I loved so many this month! Book Week mani's were all some of my faves as well as Polish Days' Dalek mani I did. But all in all...I think my all time favorite was my Back in Time UK Mani!

Favorite Product - Hands down, I am IN LOVE with Northern Star Polish Cuticle Oil in Honeysuckle Tangerine:

Favorite New Technique or Tip - Brushstroking! I saw it on Robin Moses's YouTube and its AMAZING!

Favorite Collection - Hmmmm....I really like the new Lynnderella Talismans and Birthstones Collection:

Favorite New Thing in General - My new coffee cup? I don't even know! This month has been weird and I feel like I slept-walked through most of it! I guess I can say, its my new blog layout!

Favorite TV - most of my favorites ended this month, I turned to Netflix to fill in my free tv time. I was not dissapointed. We finally gave Breaking Bad another shot (after 2 failed attempts to get into it!) - and now we are ADDICTED! (see what I did there?)

Favorite Video Game - Megapolis! Its the same as last month. I still enjoy The Simpsons game too, but this one I like more!

There you have it - what were your favorite things this month!?

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