Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Couture Minnie Mani

Hey guys! 
I'm back with a quickie post!
A few weeks ago, OPI asked their bloggers to submit designs for the Couture de Minnie Collection from a couture point of view.
We were asked not to post these until after they had gone live with their Minnie's Closet Collection they have up on Facebook.
I had planned to wait on my post in the event they selected mine, but I found out they did not select my design (sad face) - so now I can show it off!

I didn't really feel like dealing with editing the other pictures I have of this mani, so it's just this one.
Pinky - Magazine Cover Mouse, quilted design with white glitters taken from Minnie Style
Ring - Alpine Snow gradient with Innie Minnie Mightie Bow and a pink tulle overlay
Middle - A Definite Moust Have with black lace overlay
Index - Soilatire/Magazine Cover Mouse Gradient with Minnie Style glitter gradient on top
Thumb - Chic From Ears to Tail with black lace overlay

Have you picked up any of the polishes from this collection? What are your favorites?
I couldn't pick one favorite if I tried, I adore them all!

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