Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Polish Days, Day! Let's Boldly Go!

Hey friends!!

It's Polish Days time!

This months theme is "To Boldly Go"...meaning sci-fi or the like...

There are really only a few geeky sci-fi things I get down with, and you know one of them is the Doctor of Who...so I did a twist on it - let's see!

For this mani I did a combination of a Doctor Who themed polish - Time and Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS) by LynBDesigns, and I paired it up with a Dalek accent nail.

Looking back - I wonder why I never watched Doctor Who sooner. I never fancied myself much of a nerd/geek or someone into that sort of stuff, but that show is amazing. Even my boyfriend loves it! I really think it has something for everyone, and they always keep it fresh by introducing new people and taking away ones we love...

When I first started watching Doctor Who I absolutely loved Rose and the 9th Doctor. But as I evolved with the show I found that I really loved the latest, 11. I'm sad he's leaving, but they always do! I'm excited to see who will be next! My vote is Paul Bettany!!!

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