Little Bow Bleep

I've just got a little quickie for you today.

I was feeling under the weather yesterday, felt better last night, then today the rain hit and left me with a pretty gnarly headache.

So this is actually a post I wanted to add a second part to, but I will have to save that for another time and just show you part 1 today.

KKCenterHK - 3D Acrylic Bow Mold
Norther Star Polish - TrustNo1

So for todays post I am showing you a mold KKCenterHK sent me to review.
Don't let this fool you, if you have ANY experience with using acrylic powder and liquid you can do this.

Here is how the mold arrives, in a sealed package. It is available on the site, HERE, and retails for $4.75US - which is a great price for a lifetime supply of bows in any color you want!

Here are the supplies used for this, please note I have NO IDEA what these acrylic products are! When I first got into nails, my friend Rachelle gave me a bunch of random stuff she had left over from cosmetology school, so thats what these are. Acrylic powder (clear), acrylic liquid, powdered eyeshadow pigment and the mold. Essentially I mixed half acrylic powder and half green shadow pigment in a seperate container and then I dipped a brush in the acrylic liquid and then into the powder to get a nice sized ball. Pushed it into the mold and made sure to clean up the edges. I let it dry for about a minute or two, just until I could flex the mold and the acrylic didn't flex with it. You pop that out with some tweezers...let me tell you, the reason you dont want this to dry too much is so it's still pliable. If you want it to sit up off of your nail, no problem, but if you want it to bend with the shape of your nail, you need it to still be somewhat bendy. Wait too long and it snaps when you bend it. It's a learning curve that I got right the first time and wrong the second time!

And this is the bow attached to the nail. After I took it out of the mold I grabbed a sanding block and QUICKLY removed any little residual jagged edges and topcoated my nail than I bent it a little between my fingers and pressed it on my nail, holding it for about a minute until it was firmly stuck down all around.

It's a super simple process and I do plan to come back with more of a tutorial on how I did this and show a few different colors. In the meantime if this interests you, make sure and use the code below for a discount! the base polish for this is Norther Star - TrustNo1, which I reviewed HERE.

**items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their PR firm in exchange for my honest review**
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