Louis Louis Louis....Louis!!

Hey guys!!

Is it seriously Friday?

I don't even know...like...how that happened? I thought yesterday it was Wednesday and it's thrown my whole brain off now!
I feel like I have been in la-la-land all week!

But guess what?


This Post Contains:

Born Pretty Store - Plate QA39

Sally Hansen - Lick-O-Rich
Essie - Little Brown Dress
China Glaze - Passion

Todays theme is Louis! Of the Vuitton variety!
I recently got this stamping plate to review from Born Pretty Store so OF COURSE I had to do the LV image first! But I'm glad I got it in time for the 4th so I can hopefully get around to doing something Liberty related with this, AS WELL AS hello....there is a UNION JACK on this thing you guys!! It's like all of my favorite shiz all on one plate. Almost.

So here is the plate, which you can buy HERE for $2.99US and Free Shipping. It comes in the standard blue taped covering that you remove before using.

Here is the un-wrapped version of the plate. So shiny! I love this part before I muck them up with polish and acetone and they're just so pretty and bright and shiny!

For this mani I am using Sally Hansen Lick-O-Rich Sugar Coat, Essie Little Brown Dress and China Glaze Passion.

This was my first foray into stamping over textured polishes, which if you ask me, the lovely Katee at A Girl and Her Polish has mastered and possibly pioneered...she is the master at this, and I feel like I sucked pretty bad at my first try!

I did the same thing here that I did for my First Editions mani last week, where I started with a texture polish and since I didn't have a brown one, I sponged brown over the top to achieve a brown textured leather look.

Then I stamped the LV image design on with China Glaze Passion and added a few gold round glitters I will be reviewing later on from KKCenterHk. I think I overdid it with the texture, then sponging the brown THEN i sponged a little matte top coat to dull it down some and I think it kind of lumped the texture up some so it made the stamping look super wonky in some places, but it definitely came across how I wanted aside from that!

If you are interested in this awesome stamping plate, make sure and use my coupon code below to get a discount!!

Have a great weekend you beauties!!

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