Northern Star Polish SUPERSPAM!

It's a twofer today and THIS one is hefty!

I mean for real you guys, get your scroll finger ready. And probably a drool bib, too.

I'm bringing you some polishes from Northern Star Polish, one of which is not available until June 28th!

VERY picture heavy.
Let's Go!

Look at all this fun!!

Let's start this review off with the Cuticle Oil Kristin sent me.
SWOON. I am OBSESSED with Cuticle Oil you guys! I mean it, I have at least 8 bottles, probably more if I rounded them up. Yes, I'm sure of it now that I think of it. But this one....OMG. The smell is so heavenly! It's like a fruity flower, its perfection and I wanted to permanently shove my fingers up my nose every time I had it on. Which has been non-stop since I got it last week! 

And this is my nails on Cuticle Oil! Any questions?
How old do I feel for just saying that? If you got it, you're old too. And if you didn't get it, I feel 20 years older than I already am!

Next up is Galactic Memories - A clear based glitter top coat full of hot pink and purple shreds, holo stars and hex glitters! Wee!

I've paired Galactic Memories up with Sinful Colors Mint Apple, a super pretty green shimmer.

Shown here is 2 coats of Mint Apple with 2 coats of Galactic Memories over top and top coat.

Glitter ratio here is epic. It's just the right amount per coat in my opinion. I like a glitter top coat that allows me to control how much I want, one that doesn't come out in small doses or extremely dense doses.

Look!!!! Do you see that awesome holo star? Those suckers come out easy!

And here is a matte version. Sweet.

Next up is Ligeia - another glitter top coat with an abundance of matte red and black glitters. I layered it here, but Kristin says you can reach opacity without unders in a few coats.

I'm pairing Ligeia up with the last of my amazing W7 planet polishes, Metallic Venus.

I have not stopped being enamored of red glitters over purples and blues. So I did it again! This is 2 coats of Metallic Venus and 2 coats of Ligeia. Plus top coat.

Again. glitter ratio is right on!

You can see here the glitter is primarily medium and tiny, I really like the combo of sizes here...sometimes all those huge large glitters in so many shapes and sizes gets overwhelming.

TrustNo1 - This is the NEW one that comes out on June 28th and also my FAVORITE of this bunch today! TrustNo1 is a purple jelly base with electric blue flakie glitters. Hello Gorgeous!!!!

This is JUST 2 fantastic creamy coats plus top coat. It is a superb formula.

It does come off a little darker in person but it is just as stunning. So much so I STILL have it on for 3 days going now.

The flakies are super prevalent in this, on the nail as well as in the bottle, you will not be disappointed here.

And a matte version. I'll totally refrain from cussing my excitement here.

Last up today is Wuv, Twoo Wuv (what a cute name!) - this polish is based off of the movie The Princess Bride and has a milky base with pink, red, silver and white glitters. Some are satin some metallic.

I paired up Wuv, Twoo Wuv with Sephora Rose Dawn, a gorgeous rose gold metallic.

I don't even think I could have picked a better partner for Wuv, Rose Dawn is so awesome under this polish! Rose Dawn is 1 coat with 2 coats of Wuv over top and top coat.

This is such a pretty and delicate polish, I love these types of polishes so much. It's like super girly without trying to be and perfect for SO many occasions and kinds of people.

The mix of sizes of hex in this polish plays really well against the colors Kristin chose for it. It's JUST right.

And matte. Cuz that's how I do.

So I'm totally in love. Aren't you?
There is a little something for everyone here.
All of these polishes are currently in stock at Northern Star Polish, with the exception of TrustNo1, which will release on 6/28 at 12 NOON Central Time.
Northern Star polishes are all 4-FREE and retails at $6 for .3oz Petites and $9 for .5oz Full Sizes.
Also find Northern Star on Facebook HERE.

**some of the products in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their PR firm in exchange for my honest review**

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