Saturday, June 8, 2013

UPC - Creme

Well hello there Untried Polish Challenge!

I bet you think I forgot all about you!
Actually I just had a pretty busy week and put you off til the weekend so I could finish this challenge!

Oh...hi. So yeah, today is another prompt in the Untried Polish Challenge, and there is only one more left after today! Though this shoulda been finished up last week but you know...Dexter week and all that...

Todays prompt is for a Creme polish. How about 3? Oh yeah..over-achiever right here!

Todays choices are Essie No More Film (sent to me by the lovely Kirsten!), Color Club Wild Cactus and Sally Hansen Heat Flash.

So I did a base of white and then added some ziggem zaggem tape!

It wasn't at all what I was going for, but I guess sometimes some of the best mani's really aren't!

It looks quite Aztec-style to me, which is not something I'm into, but it's fun to go outside the polish box now and then!

All of these polishes were really awesome to apply.
I have been kind of impressed with some of the Essie polishes I have used lately, the formulas have gotten a lot more pigmented!

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