Sunday, June 9, 2013


OMG I did it!

I love it when I can start a challenge and make it all the way through!

And I did!

So this is the last day of the Untried Polish Challenge!
This is one of my favorite manicures from the challenge - the prompt for this final post - A Gift.

Well, how about a bunch of gifts?!

YAY! many polishes did I end up using for this challenge, you ask?

Pretty good considering it required 19.
Of course, the point was to wade through your untrieds, and I can guarantee in the time it took to do this challenge I accumulated way more than 29 new ones. Some of the ones I used during this challenge were even ones I got after starting. Yes...the cycle never ends. It's all for science, I swear.

Not only does this post include the challenge, but it also includes TWO reviews for items from Born Pretty Store!

For todays manicure I used these new striper brushes I received for review from BPS. You can find them HERE and they go for an awesome price (for a pack of 3 different sizes) of only $2.29

The brushes come in a plastic sleeve and each one is capped so the bristle bits don't get messed up!

While there are no numbers or identifying marks to tell the brushes apart, they ARE all different in length, circumference of the brush bristles seem to be about the same though.

I'm also reviewing these amazing NEON metal round studs! They come in a pack of 200 for $5.73 and are available in many colors HERE (I'm using Color #3)

And my untrieds for today are:
Gina Tricot - Cream (A gift from Ashley)
Gina Tricot - Candy Pink (A gift from Ashley)
Color Club - Ultra Astral (A gift from Kirsten)
Orly - Jealous, Much? (A gift from Taylor)

Weeee! I'm so in love with this manicure! It is so bright and peppy!

On the square color-blocked nails I did a simple half and half with the Cream and Candy Pink shades. Then I taped off squares and did either Jealous Much or Ultra Astral, and then I outlined in the opposite.

On the accent I did a zig zag, outlined it and accented it with the studs. For all of the lining, I used these brushes and they are AWESOME! I have a full nail art week coming up this week and I used them in every single manicure for it and they work like a charm! I don't even know how I lived without them.
As for the studs...can you say need every color? Yeah, me too.
Here is a coupon code, go get yourself some:

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