OMG I did it!

I love it when I can start a challenge and make it all the way through!

And I did!

So this is the last day of the Untried Polish Challenge!
This is one of my favorite manicures from the challenge - the prompt for this final post - A Gift.

Well, how about a bunch of gifts?!

So...how many polishes did I end up using for this challenge, you ask?

Pretty good considering it required 19.
Of course, the point was to wade through your untrieds, and I can guarantee in the time it took to do this challenge I accumulated way more than 29 new ones. Some of the ones I used during this challenge were even ones I got after starting. Yes...the cycle never ends. It's all for science, I swear.

Not only does this post include the challenge, but it also includes TWO reviews for items from Born Pretty Store!

For todays manicure I used these new striper brushes I received for review from BPS. You can find them HERE and they go for an awesome price (for a pack of 3 different sizes) of only $2.29

The brushes come in a plastic sleeve and each one is capped so the bristle bits don't get messed up!

While there are no numbers or identifying marks to tell the brushes apart, they ARE all different in length, circumference of the brush bristles seem to be about the same though.

I'm also reviewing these amazing NEON metal round studs! They come in a pack of 200 for $5.73 and are available in many colors HERE (I'm using Color #3)

And my untrieds for today are:
Gina Tricot - Cream (A gift from Ashley)
Gina Tricot - Candy Pink (A gift from Ashley)
Color Club - Ultra Astral (A gift from Kirsten)
Orly - Jealous, Much? (A gift from Taylor)

Weeee! I'm so in love with this manicure! It is so bright and peppy!

On the square color-blocked nails I did a simple half and half with the Cream and Candy Pink shades. Then I taped off squares and did either Jealous Much or Ultra Astral, and then I outlined in the opposite.

On the accent I did a zig zag, outlined it and accented it with the studs. For all of the lining, I used these brushes and they are AWESOME! I have a full nail art week coming up this week and I used them in every single manicure for it and they work like a charm! I don't even know how I lived without them.
As for the studs...can you say need every color? Yeah, me too.
Here is a coupon code, go get yourself some:

I know there is now a 2nd round of this challenge going around, but make sure and check out all of the ladies I did the first round with:
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  1. I am totally in love with this mani!

  2. Congrats on finishing! This is such a cute mani and I love the color combo!

  3. Oh wow, I love this mani so much!
    The color combo is perfect and your patterns are great :)

  4. omg fucking awesome!!! i love it love it love it!!!!

  5. Such fun mani!!! Love it!!!

  6. Like it , it remind me of a baby shower when it is a girl of course

  7. Yay thanks! it was a fun challenge!

  8. yes, for me for sure, the shades and how it was combined , you doe this in baby blue you have a boys baby shower theme :)

  9. it's a cute idea...albeit not my thing, but i might try this in more boyish colors, or maybe neutral pastels for a baby shower style mani!

  10. Not my thing either, I'm not into cute, but if you happen to go to a baby shower this can be a nice theme,
    My shades are dark reds, vampy shades, dark blues, vampy purples, graphite, and blacks
    for my nails, neutral for eyes, sou you can understand I wont wear pink unless is required lol

  11. oh girl i KNOW you're the queen of the night! pink is always required with me, but not ever paired up with mint green and cream! and yet i still managed to produce this mani and find it cute! but yeah...if i was going to a baby shower i would probably rock the red and black too!

  12. Lol, nah im not the queen of the night, hehe its just that those colors look nice on me, pastels make me look orange hehe :D hard to explain, it has to do with my skin color :)

    I love the manicure. The manicure u made is gorgeous :)

    Btw my car is purple pink ;


    So I don't hate the shade is just not for my nails :)

  13. Hope, I didn't say anything wrong, just darker shades look good on my skin color while pastels makes me look orange due my skin color, My car is purple pink , I don't hate the shade just it doesn't look good on my nails

  14. No no no you are fine! I got your last comment by email but it didnt seem to stick here so I couldnt comment on it! We are very alike, but for the sake of the blog I use all different colors. I can appreciate all colors, but I know some people cant wear certain colors. I did see your car pictures, its so cute!

  15. Oh I think it didn't publish your last post because it had a link in it, but i did see it!

  16. thank you , is a very outstanding color for a car, you will see it coming from a distance.
    indeed for the sake of the blog is nice to give everyone the chance to see their shade.

  17. I bet you do see it coming! You can HEAR mine coming thats for sure!

  18. Do you have a 6 cylinder? or higher, mostly those car you can hear them coming ( turbo).

  19. I have no idea...its just loud because its REALLY old. It shakes, rattles and rolls!

  20. hahah it works that is important :)

  21. This manicure is so fun! :)

  22. Peace, Love & PolishJune 9, 2013 at 4:58 PM

    I really love the colored studs! They're so cool!

  23. Congrats! I love this mani! :)

  24. they're awesome. i am seriously getting these babies in every color!

  25. The mani is lovely, and congrats on finishing the challenge! I feel like I'm taking forever with it - I need to have a blitz and just do untried challenge posts for a few days!

  26. I know, I couldnt have asked for a better color match on those pinks!

  27. Thanks!! The point of the challenge (aside from the untrieds) is to do it casually, so dont stress about it! I looked back to when I started it and it took over a month to do!

  28. LittleMonsterx14June 10, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    i love it!!

  29. This looks awesome! Glad I could help! ;)


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