Monday, July 15, 2013

Back in Time Part 2 - July Edition

Welcome BACK to the BACK IN TIME segment of the blog!

This is where we go back and re-do old manicures. The first of the month we do our own, the 15th of the month we do the other persons.

This challenge consists of myself, Smashley and Debbie - however, Debbie has moved on from this challenge so now it's just me and the Smasher!
Let's see what mani of hers I recreated...shall we?

Here is Ashleys on the left, and my re-imagining on the right. She actually based hers off of the following scrapbooking cover, so I took a little from that as well as her previous design:

So I had the idea to do some houndstooth in this, but omg...three fails and I gave up.

 I made a few changes, for one I switched up 2 florals for a combination of the 2 into one. Then I also did this in neon instead. And matte.

I used a neon pink from POP Beauty (the name isnt on the bottle since I bought it in a duo of lip balm and polish, but I think it may be called Pinkest), the neon green is I'm With the Lifeguard by China Glaze. Then black and white.

I am proud to say that even though the many fails of houndstooth are gone, I freehanded this whole thing. First florals I've done that I actually like, too.

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