Day 1 - It's NEON Week!!!

Every month, myself and few awesome lady friends get together and do a theme week. Different and smaller than Digital Dozen, this is just an informal week where we can pop in and out as we please and do a fun week of nails! This month we planned a NEON theme.

I was so excited about this one! Last year neons were all the rage too (like they seem to be every summer), but this year they really took me by storm!

I am soooo Team Neon.

When you see this mani, it may look familiar. I actually did it about 2 weeks ago and posted a small teaser of it around the web. But now here it is on the blog, where it counts, in all it's glory with a few extra pictures!

These are all of the polishes I used, PLUS not pictured is also Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Lick-O-Rich and the pink neon studs. This mani includes the new Neon Kit from OPI, but I will be reviewing that later this week in detail.

For this mani i did white base coat on pinky, index and thumb nails. The ring and middle are Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Lick-O-Rich (aka matte black texture polish)

On the pinky and index I took ALL THE NEONS and I did some brushstroking/splotching/layering. The thumb is a combination of glitters, Lynnderella Candy Blossom and Elevation Polish Huangshan (which is about my most favorite glitter EVER and she just announced it will be discontinued after her next restock, so don't miss that one)

Obviously, the ring and middle have then been studded with hot pink neon studs I got from Born Pretty Store, reviewed HERE.

The index and pinkie were then adorned with more of the textured polish in slices, which I made by painting the polish to some clear tape and then cutting triangles of it out after it was dry and sticking them to the nail. It reminded me of grip tape (the stuff on skateboards), so I called it a Grip Tape mani all over the net when I posted it, and it looked so convincing that I am fairly certain some people may have gone out and used actual Grip Tape on their nails. I hope it didn't rip anyones nail layers off if so, because its not something I would suggest, that stuff it SUPER sticky.

So there you go! Off to a bangin' start for Neon Week! Can't wait to see what the other ladies do! This is the list of everyone participating:

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