Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Digital Dozen Does Tape - Day 2 - Striped Sunset Gradient

It's Day 2 of Tape Week for the Digit-al Dozen!
I have had a hard time deciding which mani's to show first (definitely not had a hard time knowing which to show last though!) because a few of them really rocked my socks. In the end I just decided to split up the neons with the..."less neons"

But today is pretty NEON in your face. For some reason that I never thought I would imagine, I have become a little enamored with orange....come see what I mean.

Todays Tape Manicure comes to you in the form of a striped gradient.
Super fun..it was kind of a pain in the ass and took less time than you would think, but I do believe the outcome is worth it!

These are the orange polishes I used today for the gradient. From left to right they are:
Cosmetic Arts - Electric Sunset
Illamasqua - Gamma
American Apparel - Pink Ladies
Sephora + Pantone - Tangerine Tango Creme
American Apparel - Lopez Canyon

This is really easy you guys, I swear! You can freehand it, but since this is tape week, I used tape! I would always prefer to freehand something like this though, but it IS nice for much crisper lines.

Essentially I took my middle shade (American Apparel Pink Ladies) and used it as my entire nails base color. When dry, I taped right in the center with my 3/16" tape. I painted below in the lighter shade and above in the darker shade. When those were dry I taped over those 2 colors and again, below the lighter I painted the lightest shade and above the darker I painted the darkest. Did that make sense? Basically, you start in the middle and then you paint down to lightest and up to darkest. I know you understand. Say you do.

I flippin love this and you better believe I am going to do it again in some aquas/teal/mint shades soon!
Maybe even jazz it up with some art over it?!

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