Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Digital Dozen Tape Mani Week - The Gothic Princess

OMG you guys - HELLO!!
How ARE you!?!

I like to drop all of my favorites of theme weeks at the front of the week and for some reason, looking back, I should have posted this one first, because I think this one is my favorite.
It's one of those manicures that is SO easy and SO fast but the colors/polishes just made this manicure so much more than I think it would have been with, say, non-textures or glittery polishes. You'll see what I mean when you follow me!

LOL. initially my "accent" nail for this mani was different..but I just didn't like it after actually living with it for a whole entire day. and I changed it to what you see here. But in the original it was the Orly Luxe that photobombed above, and now, well, it's not. Sorry Orly...maybe next time?
Anyway - the polishes that did make the cut are simple:
OPI - Honey Ryder
Nicole by OPI - A-Nise Treat
Cult Nails - Fetish

So I started with a base color of Cult Nails Fetish, a STUNNING black wax/rubber finish black. Gah...amazing. Dries super quick too so it really made this mani a quickie!

Then I taped, the pattern is pretty obvious for the fingers, but for the accent nail I took a wider piece of tape than the other nails and ran it vertical instead of diagonal.

Then I did my gradients from gold to black. The awesome thing I loved about these colors is that both Honey Ryder and A-Nise Treat have a silver fleck in them which blended them so perfectly together.

For the accent nail - after I pulled up the vertical tape, I had a big wide black line, which was pretty random in comparison to the thin lines of the other nails, so I then took 2 striping tapes, one on each side of the black (up against the texture edges) and taped so I would have an open space straight down the middle, and I painted that thin middle line with just Honey Ryder and pulled the tape up! 

This is a really quick mani because all of these polishes dry REALLY quickly. The hardest part here is dealing with glitter fallout ALL OVER YOUR FINGERS from the gradient/texture combination. Oh the glitterhorror.

But seriously - in person this mani is the GLITTERBOMB OF LOVE! I felt like I'd dipped my hands in glittery gothic acid. I wanted to show them to everyone!

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