Digital Dozen Tape Week Day 4 - Neon Charlie Brown

Raise your hand if you are getting way too much rain where you live...
We had two days break and now its back with a vengeance! Our yard (which is on a creek front and back) was completely flooded on Monday and we had to drive up through these crazy back roads to get back onto real roads and it was CRAZy!
I must have been traumatized earlier in life on small windy roads or something, because I did NOT handle it well. bout some nail talk...this is Day 4 of Tape Week and I'm handling it nicely. I love tape mani's...I rarely have a problem doing them and I really enjoy them start to finish - this one today is a leftover from last weeks Neon Week that I held onto for this week!

For this mani I have used way more polishes than I bet you guessed I did! From left to right they are:
Salon Perfect - Kaboom
Amy's Nail Boutique - Happy Birthday
Elevation Polish - Huangshan
Sinful Colors - Savage
Sinful Colors - Firefly
Cult Nails - Ay Poppy!

My base is all Cult Nails Ay eye searing orange creme. Nothing like it in my collection and its a doozy! I told you earlier I am LOVING ORANGE right now!

For my glitters I used three different polishes - started with a super light layer (like wiped off virtually all of the polish on the brush so only a tiny bit of glitter was left and no base liquid) of Kaboom - then I added a light layer of Happy Birthday and, when dry, I added a final layer of Huangshan (have I not mentioned how much I love this glitter?!?!?!)

For my accent nail - super easy. I painted onto a piece of scotch tape a big stripe of yellow and a big stripe of blue. When it was dry I i cut with pinking shears to get the zig zags and I taped it to my nail, cut any side excess with cuticle nippers!

Everything was finished with a Gelous/Top Coat cocktail!

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