Gnarly Number Ones for July

Hey folks!
July was a slowish month for me, alot of non-blog stuff going on and subsequently getting in the way of blogging! Boo! But let's check out what I was loving, on and off the blog!

Favorite Tried Polish - I used a lot of awesome ones this month for sure. I think the one that packed the most punch for me was LA Girls 3D Effects in Sparkle Ruby - the one I used for my Back in Time Manicure here:

Favorite Untried Polish - this question is always hard every month. I have accumulated a bunch as usual and in all honesty, I don't even know what I have right now! Wait I do...and the one I am most excited to get on my fingers is OPI Alcatraz...Rocks from the new San Francisco Collection (which I will be reviewing soon!!)

Favorite Indie - I did seem to wear a smaller amount of Indie this month, but I can honestly say that Emo Party by Chirality was ABSOLUTELY the best one I donned in July!

Favorite Untried Indie - I still have barely made a dent in my box of Untried Indie polishes. I really need to get on that, and I'm going to try extra hard to do that this coming month. Right now I am really itching to get 7 Minutes in Heaven on:

Biggest Milestone - It may have just happened so it's fresh in my mind - but being a part of the piCture pOlish blog fest this year was a HUGE deal to me. Not just for the month but basically for my blogging experience in general. So humbled to be a part of such a huge movement in the nail community with so many other amazing nail artists!

Most Viewed Post - the Gothic Princess mani I did for Digital Dozen tape week was by far my most viewed post! Yay! It was one of my favorites and I'm glad you guys liked it as much as I did!

Favorite Manicure - My Neon Grip Tape Mani was my absolute favorite mani in July. No question. I'm still huge into neons, and sorry, but chances are I will be wearing neons into winter! I don't even care!

Favorite Product - I briefly mentioned this the other day on Facebook - but I finally tried Coconut Oil and how I lived without it I couldn't even grasp...

Favorite New Technique or Tip - Another new thing I tried was using some warm-melted wax from my tart burner to smooth over my cuticles (mostly if there was a healing hangnail) - it worked wonders on helping it heal up faster!

Favorite Collection - the MC Chris for the Win collection by Chirality. Amazing.

Favorite New Thing In General - I got a new camera!!! Yeah!! It was pretty cheap but it works awesome!

Favorite TV - Well...for about 4 days we were obsessed with Orange Is the New Black. But the only bad thing about Netflix shows is they end fast! We burned through that season so fast! It was an awesome show though! Now in current love we are with Drunk History:

Favorite Video Game - thanks to BEE, I have a newfound addiction to Mini Golf!

What were your favorite things this month!?

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