Meet The Polish Diva!

Hey guys!
As I mentioned before, while I am busy going mental, I have asked some ladies to do some guest posts for me - and today is one of those special, fancy days!
Today, meet Vicki from The Polish Diva!

I am excited today to be a guest blogger for Gnarly Gnails as she is away from her blog a bit while she is doing a new nail treatment system on her nails. This is my first guest post and I'd love to thank Gnarly Gnails for believing I am up to snuff!
Today I have to show you all a new polish that I just picked up in a set that I just had to use right away. This was a major lemming of mine and I am so happy to have finally obtained it, thanks to a bunch of new polishes and polish sets at TJMaxx.

The polish I used for my mani, my major lemming, is Barielle Shades' "Falling Star". This is a gorgeous medium to dark blue polish with copper colored small glitters running throughout it. It's like the stars in the night sky right at your fingertips!
Here are a couple more shots of this beauty:

One shows off a little bit more of that gorgeous copper glitter, and the bottom picture shows off the gorgeous shade of blue this polish delivers.

Thanks again to Gnarly Gnails for letting me guest post, and I all hope you enjoyed seeing this stunner of a polish! Bye everyone!


Thanks Vicki! What a fab polish! i am in love with blue and coppery type combinations, this is a definite must have! Again - make sure and check out The Polish Diva!

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