Mint Mani Memorial for Talia Joy

Hey guys.
I've been taking a few days off from blogging this week...but I'm back today with something that is probably the most special and heartfelt thing I've put on this blog to date.
This week the world lost a truly amazing human being - young Talia Castellano aka TaliaJoy18 lost her battle with cancer, and though it was hard not to cry at this news, I found nothing but smiles when I chose to spend a good part of Tuesday re-living some of my favorite videos of hers. As I told a friend of mine - watch them...they won't make you sad, they will make you smile - because Talia always wanted people to smile and never feel bad or sad for her.

Talia was a true star - thanks to Nicole of Nail Polish Wars you will probably see a HUGE outpouring of mint manicures in honor of this truly special and unique 13 year old girl today.
I've watched Talia's videos since just after starting this blog, and I have to say - she was definitely the funnest and most colorful makeup artist I've ever watched. She had more spunk and sass and talent than people I know twice her age...
I don't usually use this blog as a personal forum but I have to say that cancer really sucks. It took my mom. It took my grandmother. My maternal grandmother as well as my cousin are, however, both survivors!
Unfortunately, the same day that Talia passed away this week, so did a very close friend of my boyfriends, from stupid ass cancer.
Sprinkled in with today's memorial manicure you will find some videos and pictures of Talia.

The reason behind #mintmanisfortaliajoy is this picture above.
Taken just days before Talia passed, this is a photo of her and her mom with matching mint manicures. 

This video put a smile on my face so hard the first time I saw it - talk about personality:

How about we get to some nails?

For this manicure I used quite an array of mints.
L to R:
Orly Jealous Much?
Color Club Blue Mint
Barry M Greenberry
Elevation Polish Dzhangi-Tau
Essie - Naughty Nautical

My base is a gradient of Orly Jealous Much, Color Club Blue Ming and Barry M Greenberry.

On top of the gradient I added Elevation Polish in Dzhangi-Tau - one half of the Geo Duo and just a gorgeous glitter combo of white and pale mint glitters.

The 3D bows were molded using the Bow Mold I reviewed HERE from KKCenterHk, which I then painted with Essie Naughty Nautical (plus a little Godfather of Pearl by Catrice)

The heart on my ring finger and the bow on my thumb were both made using Picture Polish Sea Jewel and outlined in black polish.

RIP Talia!

I also wanted to add this video the local news did on Talia after her passing:
FOX 35 News Orlando

There will be a public memorial held for Talia in August - and if you are interested in donating to the Base Camp Children's Cancer Foundation that was Talia's favorite - you can find out more information HERE.

One last thing before I go...Talia posted this BUCKET LIST on Facebook before she passed away - find something here and do it for her:

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