Neon Brushstrokes

It's Day 2 of Neon Week!

Are you as super excited as I am?!


Seriously though, I love them. And they won't stop after this week.

Digital Dozen is next week and you can bet I will still be using neons for that too!

For today's mani I used the OPI Neons kit AGAIN...I know I know..this is now 2 manicures I showed you using it and why can't I just show you the swatches already, right?!?
Well...they're coming...promise!
This mani is also inspired by the Brushtroke technique video Robin Moses did HERE.
She is amazing...she was the first person who did nail videos I ever watched and I was totally hooked from then on.

I skittled the nails with one of each of the new OPI Neons. Then I did a white gradient to the tip.

Then I took each color and did brushstroking to the middle up to the tips.

Finished it off with some Out the Door and was good to go!
Pretty simple manicure that really doesn't take much time. This is the technique I also used for the mani I showed you yesterday, you just can't see it as well under the "grip tape" pieces!

Make sure and peep on my friends' Neons too:

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