Neon Splats!

Well we are truckin' right through Neon Week aren't we?

This is already Day 3?

You know that feeling you get when you already miss something before it's over? That's what is happening here.


But don't be too sad because THIS mani today is pretty sweet!

Today we are doing an abstract splatter design. More of a SPLAT really. You know I like a good splat, it actually used to be my photo watermark if you recall! So I freeform painted a splat design instead of going the typical splatter super messy route!

For this mani (yes, sorry, no bottle shots on this one for some reason) I used a base of Lonesome Dove by Confetti - which is pretty awesome. My first polish from them and I was REALLY impressed with how opaque it was, and it was on sale so it only cost 99 cents! So thats the base. The splats were made using Color Club Wham Pow which is like my most favorite orange polish on Earth. And then Lush Lacquers superfamous polish, Clowning Around for the other 2 fingers.

The splat is basically a few haphazard dots that i drug into the center to create one giant splat, then I dotted/dragged a few around the edges as well.

I love the effect of neons and grey. I did it last year with a flourescent yellow and grey leopard/stripe mani so I was excited to do it again!

So are you on Team Neon yet??

Make sure and visit some of my friends doing Neon Week here:

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