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I know I've had an abundance of guest posts this month while I wind down my nail treatment program.'s finally done and these are actually the first photos of my nails after treatment. They aren't exactly at the length I would like to start back up at, but hey...I have reviews I need to get to so it is what it is!

Today we are reviewing 5 different designs of wraps from Incoco!

Now I do still have a few more Guest Posts that will be sprinkled in through the rest of this month, but overall I am back in the saddle! The last few weeks I have had so much going on that even with my scheduled posts I've had a hard time getting to facebook and instagram to post the daily activities. Then today I was like cool, I'm back, I'm ready to do my nails and get this show on the road. And guess what happens? I come down with some weird thing in my back. At first I thought I pulled a muscle doing absolutely nothing, then I thought based on the location that it might be my kidney...But now I'm told it might be my gallbladder. So I have to keep an eye on the pain the next couple of days and see what happens. So...yeah. Thats why I've been kind of nowhere to be seen but seemingly around?

Today I am showing you 5 different designs I was sent from Incoco of their nail wraps. Given that I haven't tried too many wraps, I was pretty excited to give these a go. Judging from my slightly inexperienced use of these types of products, I have to say I was really pleased.

Here is everything I was sent to review - 5 wrap sets, a buffer, 3 sets of orangewood sticks/files, and an informational pamphlet.

I received 4 sets that were full nail wraps, and then these neon wraps, which are french tip wraps and also come with a set of plain tips too.

Each nail in these wraps have a curved edge for easy and clean tip lines.

Here is a shot of the wrap after the top layer and bottom layer of the wrap have been removed and it's ready for application. They have a nice thinness that makes them easy to apply yet easy to remove if you need to adjust their placement.

And here is what I did with them!
For the accent nail I just cut one of the wraps into strips and made them into a cross, then I outlined them with a black striper polish.

Here you can see how the tips look after you file off the excess from the tip of your nail.

I really loved this pattern, its nice and boldly neon and I thought it would pair well with a naked nail..I've always loved that look but had yet to try it. So now I can check that off the list!

For this next mani I used 3 of the other designs I was sent in a semi-skittle manicure.
Plain neon greenish yellow along with a pink checkerboard design and a blue graphic design.

Application on these was equally easy, and if I had any complaint to make it would only be that the non designed wraps really show any and all imperfections!

And lastly I did a design using the wraps as stickers on top of themselves, by cutting some heart shapes out of the wrap with a craft punch!

My overall experience with these wraps was really, really delightful.
Easy to use, I had no issues with any bubbles or crinkling.
None of these manicures was done using top coat, so as far as how they react with a top coat I do not know. But these were definitely a great alternative to polish and easy for even a supernovice to deal with!
Removal was equally easy - merely use polish remover. They disintegrate and using a non-acetone remover it took about the same amount of time as it would if I was removing a shimmer polish. They will leave some balled up glue residue, so there is just the slightest extra bit of cleanup necessary...BUT since they are made of polish themselves, they clean up easily along the cuticle edges if you have any excess!

Find out more about Incoco at these sites:

**items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their PR firm in exchange for my honest review**
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