Gnarly Number Ones for August

Hey folks!
Well - with all of the Guest Posts I've had this month, I imagine this list won't be the most in-depth, but let's jump in and see!

Favorite Tried Polish - I reviewed ALOT of polish this month, luckily this is broken down in mainstream and Indie, so I don't have an even harder choice! For this, my favorite was probably DS Lapis from the new OPI DS Series Raw Granite. I don't say this often, but I do believe every polish lover on earth needs this:

Favorite Untried Polish - I have way too many right now. Like an overwhelming amount. I too took advantage of the awesome ebay listing for 18 American Apparel polishes, so there's a bunch of those I'm itching to try and also the new China Glaze Autumn Nights collection polishes (of which I've got 3 to review for you soon) - so I'll just answer this with ALL THE POLISHES.

Favorite Indie - I swatched some truly awesome Indies this month - but one that has stuck in my brain since I wore it and made me think of countless other ways to wear it is Ruby White Tips' Hail To The Holo:

Favorite Untried Indie - Gah. I don't know? Look in my untried Indies box and pick one for me. Wait, don't. I'm embarrassed. I'll say Femme Fatale Eventide, since it's a polish I wanted for SO SO SO SO long and just finally got my hands on it a few weeks ago.

Biggest Milestone - My Tetris Nails got double love this month! They were featured on Gamer Girls Radio as well as on the Tetris Blitz Facebook and Twitter Pages!

Most Viewed Post - The OPI San Francisco Collection Swatch/Review:

Favorite Manicure - I really loved wearing Girly Bits CU Blue with a matte top coat. It changed it into an entirely different animal:

Favorite Product - I'm STILL loving Coconut Oil! And I've also found a renewed love for my Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting - it soaks in SOOOO good and smells divine! I use it every night when I crawl into bed all over my hands.

Favorite New Technique or Tip - Nothing really to be honest...I haven't done much art this month and the new stuff I have been seeing hasn't wowed me enough to try...

Favorite Collection - As collections go, I am pretty excited about the upcoming OPI Holiday Collection:

Favorite New Thing In General - Nothing really new around here...I guess I need to change that!

Favorite TV - Breaking Bad! Dexter! So much good on right now...sadly both are ending this season, but that just means they will both go out with a bang!

Favorite Video Game - Same stuff...Simpsons! Though I want to BADLY get my hands on Saints Row 4. Yes, I said that.

What were your favorite things this month!?

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