Let's Meet Heather from I Feel Polished!

Hey dudes & dudettes!
Today I have....a Guest Post!!
This time we are talking with Heather of I Feel Polished...let's see what she brought in her bag!

Hello, everyone! My name is Heather and I'm from I Feel Polished! Since I do a lot of nail art on my blog, I decided to do some for you today! 

I absolutely love striping tape! It's one of my favorite nail art tools because it's really simple to use. The biggest tips I can give you regarding striping tape are to be SURE your base color is completely dry BEFORE you stick the tape down :) and make sure you pull the tape off of your nail as soon as you're done polishing over it to prevent the polish from drying on top of it and peeling off with it! 

I began with two coats of ellagee Chase the Clouds Away, a holographic sky blue polish with tiny hexes in a rainbow of colors!

When that was dry, I taped off a random section of my nail at the top or bottom and polished one coat of another ellagee, a magenta holographic called The Crazy Gypsy in My Soul. I polished it either above or below the tape and then pulled the tape off. If this is hard to do with the polish brush, I suggest using a thin nail art brush.

Finally, once that was dry, I applied tape to my nail to make random skinny triangles. I polished Rainbows All Over Your Blues, a dark blue ellagee holographic, inside of the taped off triangles. 

I hope you enjoyed my nail art today! Be sure to visit me on Facebook or over at my blog! And a special thanks to Missy for letting me take over for a day! It was truly an honor! 

This is so radical and totally my speed - I love tape and I love graphic, 80's style triangle type designs!
Definitely make sure and check out Heathers blog because it is awesome - thank you so much Heather!!!

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