Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Pink Exploded

Just a quick one today - the pics for this mani didn't come out too great but it is what it is! Enjoy your Sunday nonetheless! (HAR HAR)

Today I have a neon combo for you - the base of which is this pink above by Pop Beauty. It came in a set of polish and lip balm and thus has no name label on it (or the box it came in). Furthest I can tell it's called Pinkest. It's a fun pink neon, no undies were needed but it did take 3 coats shown here.

Then I layered a coat of Exploded by Salon Perfect on top.
Funny story about this polish - every bottle of it I was able to find at Walmart had green polish ALL OVER IT/THEM. So apparently, the green ones had EXPLODED all over these. HA! Anyway - I don't love this combo, and I'm kind of iffy on this glitter. It's a bit patchy and strange, when I used one of it's counterparts previously, I added a chunkier glitter over the top and I think that was key in me liking that one. I don't think I was born to like these super small glitter bombs.

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