Neon Grellow!


Today I'm dropping an older mani on you, because I still have a few left from before I nubbled my fingers down!

But you're seeing lots of fall preview shades I'm sure and so hey, why not blast some neon into your life!?

Because it is STILL summer, no matter how bad I want it to be over!

So today I've paired up China Glaze Electric Pineapple with Sation Ego-Friendly

This is 3(?) coats of Electric Pineapple and 1 coat of Ego-Friendly.
Ego-Friendly has a great mix of green and black glitters in shreds and microglitters! But don't let the greenish base fool you, it's essentially clear.

Yay for Neons!!

Thanks for looking, sorry it was kind of short today but I have a TON of awesome headed your way in the coming weeks!

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