Neon Pea Soup

Here is a polish I have to show you today that I bought some time ago and wanted to use SO SO SO bad, but as most things, once it hits the untried bin, no matter how bad I want to use it, things get in front of it and it gets neglected...

I bring you....Polish Addict Hypnotize

I've got Hypnotize paired up with Nicole by OPI's Sweet on Pete, from their recent Tink Collection. A gorgeous pea green creme that worked so well with Hypnotize it's ridiculous!

2 coats of Sweet on Pete and 1 coat of Hypnotize plus top coat.

Hypnotize is a sheer green soup full of huge white hex glitters, bars in black and white, microshimmer in gold, small gold squares, black glitters in squares and hex in multiple sizes AND AND AND....teal squares and stars!!!! What a cool combo of colors....white, black, gold and teal.

Here is an on the nail macro for a better shot of the microshimmer!

So gorgeous...I think I want to try this over a pink next and see how the base does against a non-green polish.

And matte....EXCLAMATE!!!

Do you love this?!
This is my second foray into Polish Addict polishes and I have loved both experiences, so definitely on my list of brands to explore further!
If you would like to see what they have to offer, you can check their shop out HERE.

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