Ruby White Tips Comin' At Ya!

OMG you guys!
I have had so many setbacks this week it is a straight up miracle I have new posts!
It started last friday with my endometriosis kicking in full throttle, then the minute that dissipated I came down with what can only be figured to be a gallbladder attack that is STILL hanging in there after 4 days. And now what? I HAVE A STY.
OMG, shoot this old horse already.

Today I have a a few gorgeous polishes to show you AS WELL AS some cool nail art deals you can buy and do yourself! If you are ready to be classy, come on! 

China Glaze - Goin' My Way?

Born Pretty Store - 3D Gold Stickers/Decals
Ruby White Tips - Hail to the Holo
Ruby White Tips - Jane's Lemming
Ruby White Tips - Math Sucks
Ruby White Tips - Side-Tracked

First up is a new Holographic Top Coat from Ruby White Tips - Hail to the Holo.
When I was chatting with Laura, the creator of RWT, she told me it was THE BEST holo ingredient she had ever come across. I am inclined to agree.

I'm showing you Hail to the Holo over China Glaze Goin' My Way, because quite honestly, I have been in dire obsession to get my hands on a chocolate brown holo. My over! How awesome is this top coat??? I left the middle finger without so you could see how the top coat affects the base color, but if anything it only enhances it! She threw this in I think as not something to review but just to try out and see what I thought of it, and man, I need a big one now...

Oh chocolate rainbows, how do I love thee?!

The thing that most wowed me about this top coat is the fact that these are indoor pictures. Holo is usually rather shy under my lamp, but this one wanted me to feel its presence.

Here is the link to the listing for Hail to the Holo - because you need it NOOOOOW.

Next up we have Jane's Lemming - a really unique flash polish that has a neutral/nude base with blue/violet shimmer.

These are the types of polishes I die over. I'm not a huge "have to have all the holos!" or omg a duochrome! but give me a flashing shimmer polish that has a unique color combination and I WILL SWOON. This was just 2 coats and no top coat - super delightful formula.

I am so into doing some blue art or maybe some stamping over this one in the future - SO GORGEOUS!

Here we have Math Sucks. What a hilarious name! I always loved math in school....yes, its true, I have ALWAYS been a weirdo. Here we have a pinkish red jelly with dare-i-say STUNNING purplish/aqua shifting microglitters and even the occasional black glitter seems to pop up for a cup of tea. I don't know if it's accidental or on purpose but I love it! It makes it feel a little more fruity,

This was 3 coats with a top coat. The first layer goes on really sheer and you think to yourself...oh shit why didn't I layer this one? And then you're like, oh well, too late now, just go with it. And then you're like, man I'm glad I'm so smart.

Got a little nail line showing, but sometimes thats nice and sometimes some people like it. I can dig it on occasion, and this juiciness is that occasion! Great formula again! Gorgeous top notch shimmer and color palette!

Now I am also throwing in a bonus art I did using Math Sucks! I got these 3D gold decals from Born Pretty Store to review awhile back and I thought the contrast of a classy gold design over a fun jelly polish would be interesting. I kind of loved it. Alot.

Right?! I am OBSESSED with vintage wallpaper, flocking, damask, all of I HAD to have these decals for these girly designs! But I mean you get a ton of stickers on that sheet, and its only $4.51!

These aren't water decals but actual stickers, that are kind of a big deal to get off the page but have such good adhesion that once you apply them, you get why it was a slight hassle. And they don't have those annoyingly ugly sticker edges either. Win.

If you like the stickers - you can use my discount code at Born Pretty Store to save 10% - it's MG10L91

And lastly - here is Side-Tracked - a cement grey base with purple shimmers - the sister to Jane's Lemming!

Another 2 coater here, great flow to this polish, gorgeous color you really have to see to appreciate!

Kind of like a covert spy - you think it's one thing but then it's quite simply something else entirely!

Laura is knocking fantastic polishes out of the park ALL THE TIME.
And she has got some great works in progress (i know of 2 spectacular ones coming VERY soon) - so make sure and check her shop out, and follow her, and all that internet stuff you do when you like a thing!

**some items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their PR firm in exchange for my honest review**
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