Saturday, August 3, 2013

Starlight Starbright

I've accumulated a massive amount of neon polishes in the last 2 months - and I'm really trying my best to get through them before summer ends - it isn't likely, so I'm sure you will be seeing these into next summer at this rate!

Today - I have a really cool neon glitter topper if you're into that sort of thing!

SO hey - how are you guys?
I have been doing this treatment, that started out as Nailtiques, UNTIL....until I FINALLY found Rejuvacote! So I switched over after one week. I was seeing really good results with the Nailtiques, so hopefully that progress continues with the Rejuvacote. I'm not documenting the progress, but I will probably do a post about it later in the month or so when I finish the first/second round.
ANYWAY - Because of the treatment and the fact that I got many people to guest post and stock piled posts for this occasion, I find myself with a LOT of free time now that I can't paint my nails! During this free time I've been doing some "work" behind the starting a spreadsheet FINALLY to keep track of what the hell I'm doing with all of this polish.
Round 1 is done - The Untrieds. I have 227.
This is AFTER I purged a ton of untrieds for the Blog Sale too! Holies.
This weekend I will be packing up orders from the sale and working on Round 2 of the spreadsheet, the Melmers..wish me luck not getting the sorest of backs from sitting on the floor hunched over a million polishes and a laptop!

Todays pairing is Franken Frosting Starlight and Wet n Wild Fergie in Miami Spirit

Macro of Starlight. This is my first time trying Franken Frosting and I am really digging their stuff. I ordered this many months ago, and it took a little longer than I'm used to, so when I emailed them, she let me know they had had an issue with their email/payment system and that for the wait I could choose an additional item. That was pretty sweet, so I got 2 of their creations, the other of which I hope to show you soon! But really - I love pink and green - this is a huge win for me!

I don't know what made me want to pair this with a shimmery teal, but tell me this doesn't seem like a made for each other combination!?

This is 2 coats of Miami Spirit and one coat of Starlight!

Plus a top coat of course. Smooth glitter, the pieces come out of the bottle very easily as well.

If you are interested in this or seeing some of their other creations - check out Franken Frosting HERE!

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