33DC - Tape

33 Day Challenge - today is Tape!

Sometimes it gets hard to think of new ways to do a tape mani - and I give it up to the people who can really get intricate and ingenius with it. I usually choose to go the easier, less amount of tape, less psychotic overdose of impatience route...

For this tape mani I am using 2 of my new matte polishes from Mentality.
During one of our random afternoon conversations, Miss Debbie Crumpet mentioned I should check these out. Next thing I knew I had like 7 of them in my shopping cart. I picked a bunch of awesome, rich fall tones too, so expect to see those throughout this season/challenge.

This was super super basic. I just threw on a base coat, in this case I used Butter London Nail Foundation to give a slight tint and then when it was dry I put on my tapes in criss-cross pattern formation.

Then I just did a loose/messy gradient using the two matte polishes, Resilience and Hope, they are easy one coaters so this was pretty snappy - but I think I sponged down colors about 3 times before I pulled the tape up.

I also took pictures of this glossy but I thought this way looked so much better that I just threw them away.
This is with no top coat at all - and I think the texture of the matte and the ridges from the tape give it a pretty interesting appearance.

Here are the prompts for the challenge - jump in and catch up if you wanna! Or just start on the next one! You can go HERE to join the group and chime in on the conversation/get the gallery codes.



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