Chirality Presents - Nails From the Crypt! Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh!

Hey homies!

Chirality is at it again with an amazing fall collection, titled: Nails From the Crypt!

How awesome is that name?!

My favorite part about this collection is that there are 5 polishes and 5 different finishes! There is a holo, a jelly, a shimmer, a glitter and a creamy shimmer(?) - what do people call those? Either way - something for everyone!

So before we get started I should bring to your attention that these photos are square format. I thought I would try it out since lately it seems like everything is squarely formatted. But it's pretty difficult to get your whole hand in a square frame, and it seems weird looking a little. So this is an even more special post in that it's probably the only one that will show square photos!
It's an LE Post! The only one of it's kind!

Chirality - (S)creme Queen
Chirality - Devil's Night
Chirality - Cropsy
Chirality - The Stuff
Chirality - I Got a Rock

I Got a Rock. Hahaha!! I assume this references It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. This polish is an amazing brown holo with a slight purple lean. I put it next to a milk chocolate brown holo I had and it definitely seemed purple in comparison, but on the nail it looks like a gorgeous brown.

The holo in this is very good, but I always have the damnedest time getting the holo to show for me under my lighting setup! This is two coats of I Got a Rock with no top coat.

This is a rich and creamy choice for fall....I love brown holos so so so much lately, so this is a hugely welcome addition to my collection!

So creamy and dreamy. 

Cropsy - Have you heard of the legend of Cropsy? He's some weird boogeyman urban legend who stalks the woods with an axe...its kind of like one of those stories you hear around campfires and what not. This polish is based on the character of the same legend from the movie The Burning. THIS Cropsy is less scary - a gorgeous yellow sheer base with red and yellow glitters. There are circles, hex's, shards, micros - its a great array of campfire wonder.

I paired Cropsy up over (S)creme Queen - this is just one coat and top coat. It's glitter packed!

As you can see by the big circles, no problems keeping those on the brush at all. This polish will slightly alter your base color as its tinted yellow, but since I put it over a fairly dark base, its not very noticeable here.

And matte? Holy heavens! So perfectly harvest-like.

Devil's Night - A classic name for the night before Halloween. There are so many names for the nights leading up to and following Halloween - but this is my favorite. Coincidentally, this is also my favorite of the collection. A stunning dark eggplant leaning brown with blurple shimmer. Obvious shimmer.

I can hardly describe the base. Simply put, it's Raven-esque. Dark and deep and intriguing. Is it brown? Purple? Burgundy? Black? Whatever it is, it is Noir at its best.

This is 2 coats of Devil's Night, no top coat. Has a great shine and a smooth finish and application. That shimmer...the minute I unwrapped this, I am certain I let out a small gasp of wonder.

And matte its just becomes so mysterious. It does seem to lose a bit of its allure when mattified, sometimes thats the case. But I think it still looks equally beautiful and understated - and VAMPY.

Micro flakies!! See why I'm so in love? This polish won me over so much in fact that it currently resides on my sidebar as a "Gnarly Need"!

(S)creme Queen - what a fantastic name! A throwback to the days of old Horror B-Movies and the legendary Scream Queens. This polish runs more jelly than creme, but with full opacity at 3 coats, let's split the diff and call it a crelly.

At first coat this polish comes off pure grape jelly. But after 3 coats you are left with this insanely glossy blood on your hands. The best kind of blood on your hands! This is pure Autumn into Winter polish right here. Formula was immaculate.

This is NO top coat ya'll! I mean, I can (S)creme it louder, but do I have to!?!

If you are careful I think you may be able to pull this off in two coats even. I swatched this twice on accident, and the first time I did 3, but these pictures I only did two. 

The Stuff - classic horror. I haven't even seen this movie, but I need to. I need to spend some time really digging through the horror parts of my Netflix queue. I have so much in there I feel I'll never see it all. And horror is my jam. It's almost all I watch. Anyway - this is a fun polish - its a medium lavender with copper microglitters! I love copper glitter!

You'd think an awesome lavender polish with copper glitter would be enough right....but then Amanda went and made it matte! MATTE! You know how this pulls at my heart strings. 

It's actually more of a rubber finish, which is even better, I prefer color polish to dry like this and not flat matte. This is 2 coats with no top coat. It's like wearing a latex costume.

And I threw a top coat on to show you how nicely she shines up. Not bad for something named after Goo!

So there you have the new Chirality Fall/Halloween collection.
Chirality has really made a name for themselves, not only in the polish world, but also as a couple of really awesome people who have a wicked love for creepy, horrifying things - just like me.
I love building relationships with people like Amanda and Jason of Chirality - and if you have yet to buy from their line, now is really the time. 

Well not NOW, but on Monday. 
September 30th this collection will be launching, so make sure you get in line for it...I guarantee you will be sad if you miss these.

The thing to note here is that Chirality is really known for awesome holos and glitterbombs - so to see them doing jellies, cremes and shimmers is amazing! First go out, they nailed it!
They're all amazing, but for those of us who can't buy all the polishes, there are definitely some stand-outs here you cannot ignore!

I've also got a bonus nail art to show you tomorrow featuring a couple of these polishes!
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