Color Club Silver Lake & Williamsburg Reviewed

Oh hiiiiiii there....
I'm wicked tired right now so this post will be short on words but high on cool!?
Pfttt...who knows..anyway!
Today I have a couple of Color Club polishes from their new fall lineup titled Girl About Town. All of the polishes have cool city names, and I was really happy with the two they sent me to review as I love both of these cities a ton!

Silver Lake - the palest of greys and Williamsburg - a blue night sky bottled...

Color Club Silver Lake is an extremely light nearly white grey creme. It had a flawless formula and was opaque with no streaks, no balding and no nonsense at a mere 2 coats.

It's hard to tell without seeing a white to compare this to how it looks in real life, this I know. Aside from todays swatches, I do have nail art using both of these polishes later this week to show you some comparisons and some cool art at the same time!

Anyway - no top coat here, it dries to a beautiful shine and its about one of THE best creme polishes I have encountered in such a light shade. Winner.

Color Club Williamsburg. Look, I have fallen hard for blue, and my worst problem lies in shimmery galaxy blues like this one.  This is jelly and juicy and shimmery and just a big big hit. 2 coats!

This is one of the best blue shimmer jellies I my endless search for the coveted Essie Starry Starry Night, this is coming really close to quenching my lemming.

It had a fantastic formula, no complaints, love it.

If you think you somehow might still need persuading - how about matte?
Like I said, look for both of these polishes coming up this week in art designs as well!

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