CrowsToes - Summer Swatches!

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Sometimes writing blog posts feels like being in the TARDIS, you just never know where or when someone is reading!

I have some CrowsToes polishes to show you today from their new collection!!
Settle in, it's a good one!

CrowsToes - Boat Drinks
CrowsToes - One Trick Pony
CrowsToes - Chess!...You Dog!
CrowsToes - Storms Never Last

First up is Boat Drinks - A clear base glitter top coat with tons of awesome circle glitters in sage green and lavender. It's a very unique color mix and is full of holographic mini glitters as well!

I've shown 1 coat of Boat Drinks over Catrice Petrolpolitan. As with the formula I have come to love with the 15 or more Crows I own, this was fabulous and thick and didn't need glitter fishing.

This screams summer champagne drinks on a yacht to me. The name is SO apropos.

Here is a matte shot of Boat Drinks so you can truly see the glory of the glittah.

Chess!...You Dog!  I love the polish! A blue jelly base that could be worn alone but its pretty sheer. Full of blue circles, black shreds and bunch of awesome in between things as well. I can't even describe it. Its like space debris!!

This is one coat of Chess over Sinful Colors Slick, a very vivid blue leaning purple.

Again - fab formula and no glitter fishing. These polishes are thick and are better suited to a dabbing method but it is definitely worth it!

Matte - so so awesome. I love the small cyan colored glitters in this a TON!

One Trick Pony - I remember when Lauri announced this collection I laughed so hard at her description of this one: A purple/green multi chrome holo *looks around* OK., ummm., is there anyone who hasn't made one of these yet? Raise your hand…
While that may be true, I don't actually OWN any polishes like this...maybe there are so many and thats why I was just never able to choose one?

I layered one coat of One Trick Pony over a black creme. It is a gorgeous color shifting blackish/charcoal holo polish and it packs a punch! Getting holo to show under my indoor light is quite an effort, this was not!

See that holo? So awesome!! And its obviously much better in person/sunlight!

I couldn't belive the gorgeous coverage I got from this on just one coat!

Storms Never Last - My favorite of the bunch here - a stunning purple jelly with multichrome shifts and multi shifting glitters!

This is like a girly galaxy! It's purple pink and blue stars in the night sky!!! One coat over black shown here.

Those teal glitters! OMGDUDE.

I mean you see what I see? This stole my heart!

This collection is available now and you can find CrowsToes retailers below:
Shoppe-Eclecticco (currently closed during moving)

Please also make sure and keep up to date with CrowsToes:

Also a PS - I've added a new section to the blog in the sidebar called "Gnarly Needs" as my monthly/bi-monthly place I drop in some products I am currently in love with and/or giving my stamp of approval to - and CrowsToes Storms Never Last is in there right now - I loved it THAT much!

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