Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular - Books

Hi you guys!
Hope your day is lovely - I'm sure happy to see you!
Today we have the Book Prompt for Digit-al Dozen Does It Again!
Last time we did books, I loved it, this one day second time around, I didn't love it.
I thought my idea was cool but I don't think I love what I did with it, even if my boyfriend loves it...what does he know!? 

So the book I chose for todays mani is A Clockwork Orange...never read it, never even seen the movie.
But the artwork on it seemed cool and challenging so that's why I'm doing it!

And yeah - here is my candy corn with creepy goblin mani!

I honestly don't remember what I used for this, I think it was mostly the new Sinful Colors leather collection polishes and a skin tone polish from Born Pretty Store, and Zoya Pippa. I guess I remember a little better than I thought!

I don't guess I can really get into detail about how I did this...I just did it. I outlined the design in black and then I went in and painted section from lightest first to darkest, then went in and fixed a few things and did a final outline.

Now maybe someone else did something to cleanse your palette after seeing this:



Image Map

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