Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular - Tape

Wow! Tomorrow is our last day of this challenge...so sad.
It's been a blast - but rest assured, there will be a short break and then I will be doing ANOTHER nail art challenge!

Anyway, we're still doing this one, so let's talk about it. It's the Tape Prompt today for Digit-al Dozen Does It Again - and you know I love some tape!

If you recall, you maybe do or notttt....but a few days back I did a review on some new Color Club polishes and mentioned I'd be using them in art. Well today is that art/comparison for Color Club Silver Lake.
I've paired it up today with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls...a stark white and slightly greyed white, and then Silver Lake, the darkest of the white-greys.

These chevrons, that I prefer to dub Ziggem Zaggems, were started with a base of the middle shade, My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI, and then when it was dry, I placed a zig zag cut piece of tape in the center and painted white on the part closest to my cuticle and then Silver Lake on the tips and removed the tape!

Its so hard sometimes to tell in swatches what is white and what is off white, everyone has different cameras/lighting/settings/skintones and you just never know...so I thought this would be a good chance to show you just how different these polishes are next to each other, when sometimes they look so much alike in the bottles!

I also loved how wintery this looked! This is a really fun way to twist a classic stark white manicure.

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