Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular - Fashion

It's our last day of the Digit-al Dozen Does It Again!
It's been a BLAST to run through our first year of challenges in 12 days!
Our last theme is Fashion - which ugh...I'm just not a fashion person AT ALL.
I love fashion but when it comes to my own lifestyle, I fall short.

But I do admire and covet it, mostly on my nails though these days.

Here is my inspiration for todays theme:
Alexander McQueen - I chose the dress on the left. Houndstooth and Floral.
Seemed easy enough but I tried to stamp florals OVER the houndstooth and it looked terrible. So I did this instead:

My base was BB Couture Smoke and then I stamped with a houndstooth pattern that has a textile feel to it, and then two fingers with a cool floral doodle design.

I don't know the stamping plates I used offhand, though I think they were MoYou, not sure if they both were, but if you NEED to know, just ask and I'll look!

Before you leave - make sure you have entered our Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular Giveaway!
It ends tomorrow!!



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