Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular - Geeks

Hello friends!

Welcome to a new week of the Digit-al Dozen Does It Again art week!

This is the last leg of the challenge, it will end on Saturday, and our Massive Giveaway will end on Sunday! So make sure and go over there and enter it - it's a doozy.

Todays Digit-al Dozen prompt from the past is Geeks!
I loved this theme so much when we did it! This time around I had a little bit of a blockage when thinking of something to do. So I did something that I had planned to do last time and didn't do - another shot at galaxy nails - with a twist.
And believe me, this is probably the last time I'm gonna do galaxy nails, I am OVER them.

The base of these galaxies have way too many polishes to list - but the bottom layer of this mani is Williamsburg by Color Club, which I showed you yesterday. It lends a great base for any type of space manicure!

After the galaxy base was dry I did some double stamping of space stuff, flying saucers, rocketships, ufo's and some atomic stuff.

Now for the stamping plates I used! For the pinky I used Cheeky 45, for the ring finger I used Cheeky 46, for the middle finger I used LLC8 and for the index I used Mash34!

I double stamped the images, first in silver and then over that in black so they would have a little bit of shadowing/outline. I liked the overall look, didn't love it, but you know, you can't love em all!



Image Map

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