If Pumpkin Pie was Polish....

So I inadvertently stopped blogging for a few days - OOPS!
Sorry guys - I got hooked on a super secret project and the blog took a bit of a backseat for a couple of days. But today I have a really cool glitter to show you, I hope you will consider it a peace offering!

Cool right?! This glitter is clear based with orange and white hex glitters, white bar glitters and then these cool iridescent shifty purple small glitters!

This is a mere one coat over American Apparel Summer Peach

This is an awesome year round polish topper, but it's really great for Halloween - and you have just enough time to get it for the holiday!!

Here you can see better in the blur the purple shift of the small glitters. When I requested this polish I didn't even know about this purple goodness, so it was a really cool surprise!!

My ONLY neg about this polish is the smell. Polishes that come from overseas are not always 3 free so they have a lot of chemicals, this is usually the case with most polishes I get from KKCenterHK and BPS. It's not terrible, smells don't really bother me like they do some - so I wanted to make it known if you are in the smell-no-thanks club!

You can find the polish HERE, but at publishing this polish was sold out! BOO!
You might get lucky and it's back in stock when you read this, in which case...if you use my code you will get 10% any purchase you make!!

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