Let's get spooky with some glowing skulls and screaming queens!

It may not quite be October yet, but around here Halloween is almost every day.

I missed a lot of the Halloween fun last year during my "hiatus", so I am pumped to do double time this year.

Yesterday I showed you the amazing new fall collection from Chirality, Nails From the Crypt - and today I am showing you two of its polishes with some "art"

Born Pretty Store - Glow In The Dark Skulls & Bats Water Decals
(Design 018)

I am using these adorably awesome skulls and bats I received for review from Born Pretty Store. You get 5 of each skull design, 6 of the crossbones, and 4 bats. These say stickers on the front, but have water decal instructions on the back. They ARE water decals.

These decal packs run $1.99 and there a bunch of other designs in the listing besides just halloween ones. They even have some mustache ones that glow!

I put these on over Chirality The Stuff, which also has a very light blood splatter stamping of (S)creme Queen underneath the decals.

These decals go on like most water decals and move around easily until you are satisfied with their placement on the nail. Simply top coat and you're done.

Look how awesomely they glow!
Yes, its true - I FINALLY was able to figure out my settings on my new camera to take glow in the dark pictures! I tested left and right during this mani, so while these aren't the best, they are definitely better than the one other time I tried this with my old camera and might as well have been trying to capture Bigfoot.

So anyway - you can get those decals RIGHT HERE.
And if you use my coupon code below you can even save some dough!

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