Put Your Dupes Up: Purple and Gold Edition

Remember when I used to post Put Your Dupes Up?!
It's been awhile - I have a few coming up, and that includes today!
It even has a fancy new look to fit the blog.
Let's see what we have in the ring!

Todays PYDU is not a winner take all comparison but instead a look at some purple hued polishes with gold(ish) shimmers. There are quite a few on the market these days, and I thought I'd show you 5 I pulled out of storage recently and how they differ, as well as relate.

Here are todays contenders:
Ulta - Lav-Ish
Zoya - Zara
Pure Ice - Purple Reign
Nails Inc - Clifford Street
Pure Ice - Taxi

As you can see - they are all super different.
Ulta Lav-Ish is a taupe/lavender with a gold shimmer.
Zoya Zara is a truer lavender with yellowish/pink shimmer.

Pure Ice Purple Reign is a plum with golden shimmer.
Nails Inc Clifford Street is a dark dusty purple with gold shimmer.
Pure Ice Taxi is the only one that flashes a more green shimmer than gold, and has a violet base.

All of these swatched at 2 coats, with the exception of Clifford Street which was just one coat.
So if you think you don't need em all, you're wrong.
Unless you just don't like purple, in which case, we can still be friends!

Image Map

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