33DC - Abstract

It's another day of the Crumpets Nail Tarts' 33DC (aka the 33 Day Challenge...not to be confused with the Pepsi Challenge, and certainly not to be confused with omg I feel old for saying that).

Todays prompt is abstract.

And for the record, after yesterdays massive photo editing session to get the OPI Holiday Collection up to show you guys, I was too pooped to polish....so I kind of phoned this prompt in by showing you a mani I had originally done for last weeks Skittles theme, but scrapped it for something else...it's still worthy of a look though because it's a gorgeous polish!

Here are a bunch of American Apparel polishes I forget the names of, and then Lynnderella Graphic Content. An LE Lynnderella! I won this from the Love Lynnderella Facebook page, and I couldn't have been happier since it was by and far a polish I had been lusting for.

Here is our skittle to show off all of the colors in Graphic Content. This is now my new favorite big black circle polish. I love it so so so much!

Look at this macro! Yay!!!

And here is what's left of the challenge...this is only Day 14? OMG...I hope I can make it..I'm fading fast.


Image Map

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