Friday, October 25, 2013

33DC - Animal

I'm just gonna start this post off with a giant HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!

Today is Animals day for 33DC.

Now let me start by saying I almost blew it off. I had a long week of getting behind on blog stuff and I kind of just wanted to scrap this prompt, but then I remembered that I had really wanted to do THIS mani since the summertime. true Missy fashion, I put on my big girl pants and I got out my paint and got to work. So let's go look at my favorite Foodimal - Barry the Strawberry.

Yay! It's Barry!  Barry is a 'Foodimal' from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. We kind of think these movies are a big deal around here, and when this movie was coming out we were all over going to see it. And I knew before we did that Barry would be my favorite - it wasn't until the movie that I found out what a huge part of the movie he would be in. And he is stinkin' adorable with his little grabby hands and crazy talk.

All my 'reg' nails are a sky blue and super pale blue spongey splotchy gradient of sorts. Then I topped them off with Femme Fatale Party Grenade and some matte top coat from OPI.

For Barry well, I used acrylic paints in Red, Yellow, Green, Black and White. When he was all dried and flattened down I topped him with matte top coat too and the rest is history!
Check out this adorable little video I found of Barry and Flint and a short movie trailer. I can't wait til there are a million more Barry videos on the web. He is the best.

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