33DC - Art w/Oldest Untried


Back to the grind...I had a nice relaxing Sunday watching a bunch of Netflix with the boyfriend and cuddling with my kittie, and now it's back to the business!

Today is a new week of 33DC Challenges! Today we have 'Art With Your Oldest Untried' - I dug up one of my absolute oldest, Spoiled - Ants in My Pants

So here we are with Ant in the Pants. I didn't 'art' with it so much as I just threw it on there on the index. But I thought doing a little cartoony vamp theme would work well with it.

The red is Color Club Mamba, then black and white polish and then I arted with mostly acrylic paints for the details like the drips, vampire face and hair and the fang mouth.

Finished her off with Color Club top coat - hope you enjoyed this little mixture of 33DC Art and Halloween funsies!  Check out the prompts below to see whats next, and check the gallery below THAT to see what everyone else did today!



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