Monday, October 21, 2013

33DC - Chinese

Oh - heeeey!

Today I have another prompt for the 33DC Challenge.

Today is Chinese. I got really swamped over the weekend and didn't even finish this mani until about 15 minutes ago. It is really unlike me to wait til the last minute to do a challenge mani, and it shows, because I hate this one!

Seriously, it was so good in my head, but many factors led to this nightmare.
I wore the base for 4 days, by the time I FINALLY had the time to work on the mani, it had chipped and I had to re-base. And wait. Then I stamped, and the index smeared, so I said ok, I will tape over it and all will be well. So I wait some more. Then I tape. And I stripe. And this is where I should have stopped. But then I thought I would add some "style" by fanbrushing on some red brush strokes. BAD IDEA. They ended up just looking like the stamping smeared. Then I thought I would try to cover THAT up with pink glitter. Ugh....shoot me. But here it is, they can't all be winners!
The base is OPI My Vampire Is Buff - stamped with a red I ALWAYS forget the name of by Hot Ticket. There is a layer of gorgeous gold dust on there which is a new polish by Sinful Colors called Gilded. Gold tape striping is Orly Solid Gold and red stripe is OPI In My Santa Suit.



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