A New Challenge (and PLENTY of time to get on board)

Hi guys - Me, AGAIN.
I know I've been all kinds of in your face this week but I wanted to get this up now before I forget or get carried away and distracted!

I have decided to undertake CREATING a challenge, with some help from Debbie/The Crumpet to run in the beginning of 2014.

Winter can be that murky time of year for many of us ladies, so I wanted to get involved in a fun and bright challenge...I know once February rolls around I will be in heavy need of sunshine and funsies.

So essentially - this is currently the final DRAFT of the challenge, it MAY change, it may not.
But this is the layout thus far of what will be involved - it will run Feb 1 through Feb 28th - every day.

If you are interested in keeping up with its progress or know for sure you want to join in when the time comes - we will be running the inlinkz codes and daily posts through the Polish Passionistas Facebook group. Please join it to keep up with news on the challenge, as well as just general drama-free chatter.

Image Map

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