Sunday, October 13, 2013

BCA Pink Week - Day 1 - Joby Nail Art

I'm embarking on a special challenge this week (3 actually, but this one is for a good cause) for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

I was invited to join up by Nory of Fierce Nails and Makeup and I had some time to devote to the cause! 

This will be a full 7 day week of pink mani's, each day with interesting information about BCA.

Breast Cancer Fact #1

I had to kick off this week with these cool BCA stickers from Joby Nail Art.

For this mani I used a base of American Apparel Coney Island.

I used a couple of the different designs on each nail and then added a top coat.

These have a glittery outine to add a little something extra and stayed on well, were totally easy to apply and stood out well against the pink base.

Check out Joby Nail Art on their website and on Facebook!

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