BCA Pink Week - Day 2 - Hearts

Here we come to Day 2 of Pink Week for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Make sure and follow all week for 7 very important facts about Breast Cancer, and links to loads of information!

Breast Cancer Fact #2

For today I started with a base coat of Sinful Colors Tutu. When dry I took a stencil I made form tape and a heart punch and placed it over each nail. Then I took a fan brush and used two different pinks to create a brushstoke effect inside the stencil area.

After I pulled the tape off, I went in with a sponge and added some interest spots around the hearts.

The darker pinks used here were both Sinful Colors - Fusion Neon and Cotton Candy.

Then I finished off with Cult Nails' Wax That wax top coat.
I know this is SUPER dainty for me, isn't it?

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